Christmas cakes

Christmas cake with a Nativity edible image
Christmas cupcakes
Christmas cupcakes with stocking, santa hat, Christmas pudding, holly wreath - available in boxes of…
8" square fruit cake in the shape of a Christmas gift
Edible gingerbread house - idea for a Christmas party
Gingerbread flavoured cupcakes - perfect for Christmas
Christmas cupcakes with Christmas pudding, Santa hat, snow flake & gift wrapped present
Christmas cupcakes featuring snowman face, Christmas pudding, Rudolph & Dear Santa letter
Christmas cupcakes featuring Rudolf, Christmas pudding, snowflake & a gift wrapped present
Christmas cupcakes featuring a snowman, Christmas tree, snowman face & a snowflake
Christmas cupcakes featuring Rudolf, Santa hat, Christmas pudding & a gift wrapped present
Single cupcake decorated with Father Christmas' face
Smaller version of penguin Christmas cake
Christmas cake decorated with an igloo and cute penguins
Simple Christmas cake decorated with Christmas trees and presents