Hi I'm jo. Owner of Jojo's cakes.

I am a home baker in Sheffield who enjoys making cakes of all kinds. I am self taught with lots of valuable help & advice from my mum!

My obsession with cake decorating began when I offered to make my brother-in-laws wedding cake. I hadn't decorated a cake since I was a kid so I thought I had better get practicing! Luckily the wedding was a year away so I had plenty of time to practice. I started decorating cakes for family & friends and JoJo's cakes was born.

I received lots of help and advice from my mum who decorated cakes when my sister and I were little. My mum learnt from my grannie, so it is a real family passion. The men in our family seem to appreciate all the cake!

I love food! As well as cake decorating I love to cook and dinner in our house is rarely the same thing twice! My husband is chief taster, supporter & also my biggest critic. If he likes a cake then I know I have done a good job!

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